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remember back when website owners were perfectly satisfied with the kind of analytical data one could get just by using their web server logs?

I had a weird problem where I was getting a pure tone on my HF rig no matter what frequency I was tuned to.

Turns out my CRT was interfering with the IF on the radio. I changed the resolution and it went away.

oil sits around for 65 million years and it's fine. but when I put it in my car suddenly it needs to be replaced after 6 months. wake up sheeple

broke: old people are aggressive because of leaded gasoline

woke: old people are aggressive because the high pitch CRT noise reprogrammed their brain

1. buy 3 plots of land around the city
2. put up antenna towers
3. attach SDRs to the towers
4. use TDOA to locate every transmitter in the city (phones, cars with 2 way radios, etc.)
5. ???
6. profit

me 5 minutes after I start cooking: oh nooo my pot is boiling over this is the worst

me 10 minutes later, my oven covered in hot water: whatever

my dream is that all of my friends get ham radio licenses and we set up a 1200 baud network in the city that consists entirely of 80s computers connected to packet radios

if this interests you, please move to asap

if java's garbage collector actually worked properly, it would collect java

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