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broke: old people are aggressive because of leaded gasoline

woke: old people are aggressive because the high pitch CRT noise reprogrammed their brain

what people think I mean when I talk about getting older: "ouch my back"

what I actually mean when I talk about getting older: *record screech* "you may wonder how I ended up under a sink trying to unclog the piping with no plumbing experience as a kg of sludge rains upon me. It's mostly money" *film resumes* "ouch my back"

1. buy 3 plots of land around the city
2. put up antenna towers
3. attach SDRs to the towers
4. use TDOA to locate every transmitter in the city (phones, cars with 2 way radios, etc.)
5. ???
6. profit

me 5 minutes after I start cooking: oh nooo my pot is boiling over this is the worst

me 10 minutes later, my oven covered in hot water: whatever

my dream is that all of my friends get ham radio licenses and we set up a 1200 baud network in the city that consists entirely of 80s computers connected to packet radios

if this interests you, please move to asap

if java's garbage collector actually worked properly, it would collect java

elon: I will only remove content that's illegal

me: I will only remove content that's *not* illegal. From now on you may only post "I am going to assassinate the president"

Working on a software OFDM/QAM modem. Hoping it will be a FOSS alternative to VARA, and more robust/faster than ARDOP.

Accidentally deleted something important in the DB? Just delete the whole DB. Then it's a devops problem

to get around a background check, simply commit crimes in the foreground

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