I've been working on a low-cost, open source alternative to the Signalink. It's meant to be just as easy to use, but with a BOM that's under $20.

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@stephen That could be awesome! I can't say that I've looked for one, but now I kind of think there must already be a kit out there that someone sells? Maybe none as good as the Signalink though.

@kinetix There are more streamlined versions that require you to use a serial converter and sound card. But then you have wires going all over the place, and if you don't have 2 sound cards you can no longer use your computer's audio for anything else. I haven't found anything that's basically just a kit version of a Signalink!

@stephen Well sure, that's different hardware at that point. Who has multiple sound cards and then wants to run connectors all over the place that are the susceptible to RFI? The external sound card idea is what makes sense, for sure.

@kinetix @stephen I have ZLP DigiMaster MiniProS. I think it's cheaper than Signalink, but also missing all the knobs.

@stephen @kinetix But count me interested in open source kit! I'd really like to get my hands on one.

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