Choose no life.
Choose Free and Open Source.
Choose no career.
Choose no family.

Choose a distro.
Choose a $EDITOR,
Choose a desktop.
Choose man page, ArchWiki,
Tim O'Reilly and a full bookshelf.

Choose a 10-year fucking old computer.
Choose multiple monitors, mechanical keyboards, outdated graphics and network without nonfree blobs.
Choose learn programming, a language, and your programming socks.
Choose no sleep, junk food, and bad health.

Choose a private key.
Choose deleting proprietary apps and losing all your friends.
Choose self-hosting, a monthly server payment, and waiting a compile for half a day straight.
Choose a EEPROM writer and a soldering station to liberate your system BIOS.


Choose buying undocumented hardware to figure out everything by yourself.
Choose submitting the same patch the 9th time for review by the maintainer with one more newline, tab or space to comply with the project coding style.
Choose rumbling, ranting, flaming, and bikeshielding in blogs, social media, mailing lists, Reddit and Hacker News comments.
Choose wondering what the fuck you are doing, alone on a Sunday night git bisecting in the desperate hope that the next commit will pinpoint the bug you've spent 5 weeks trying to diagnose.

Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing you last in a miserable ~/
Nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked-up companies that are replacing your computer with a blackbox.

Choose your future.
Choose Free and Open Source.


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