Ham radio people - try out a utility I wrote for sending files over packet radio: gitlab.scd31.com/stephen/minit

Also check out the underlying protocol that I wrote, which exists as a library: gitlab.scd31.com/stephen/minip

@stephen Nice to see ham radio stuff made with #rustlang!

I had a really brief glimpse into code which raised couple of questions:

* Do you have Forward Error Correction (FEC)? Maybe sacrificing bytes for FEC to reduce whole frame re-transmissions might be worth it?

* CPU time is cheap. How about trying multiple different compression algorithms (or parameters) to find the optimal for given data? Some things might compress differently (text vs. binary) or not compress at all.


@oh8hub No FEC, though I'm thinking of adding it. I mainly designed the protocol for VHF use, so I think it would be less useful since VHF is a lot more of an all-or-nothing frequency. (There's a pretty narrow window where some bits flip, but not a lot)

I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make to use difference types of compression, but I've been considering sending the data non-compressed if it's better(already-compressed files results in sending slightly more data otherwise)

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