Concept: The libertarian flag but the snake is a wire and the slogan is "let me do my own electrical work"

(my province doesn't let me do my own electrical work)

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You might burn down your house and then people would die, and democracy would look bad, and we might start to think that we are not all equal.

That's why.


If that is your opinion, yes, I agree, and will one-up it: babysitting people is always destructive.

If you are speaking legally or politically, I must disagree. Voters panic at fears, and civil rights means that equal protection must exist.

There is also the cost of fires, and governments are all bureaucracies now.

How do you explain to five people in a neighborhood that their homes burned down because the crackhead in unit one wired his stove wrong?

@amerika @stephen the solution to that is for us all to live in detached houses. failing that, If you live in a semi or apartment then maybe you should be prevented from doing dangerous electrical work if you are not qualified. I don't like that conclusion but I dislike the alternative (being at the mercy of someone else's mistakes) even more

@Hyolobrika @stephen

My answer is this: end the need for state of mind for most crimes.

You burned down your house, doesn't matter if you did it to kill Negroes or out of incompetence.

You get treated like you did it deliberately.

That means that the risk involved in doing the task becomes higher, so only those who know what they are doing are going to do it.

@Hyolobrika @stephen

Another option, of course, is to have basic electrical skills as part of regular education or free adult classes.

It's useful stuff.

@Hyolobrika @amerika I thought about this and this seems like the exact kind of thing the free market can deal with on its own. A landlord can easily put a "don't touch my wires" clause in the lease, and a condo board could do something similar.

@stephen @Hyolobrika

True, or specify that all service workers must be certified in some way.

Also: lawsuits could take care of those who accidentally burn down their neighborhoods, to a point.

@stephen @amerika
But....that's exactly the progressive's idea of government.
Government = Daddy
Citizens = Daddy's children

@TheMadPirate @amerika Both sides have the same problem. Neither the mainstream left party nor the mainstream right party actually reduces the size of the government or its overreach

@stephen @amerika
Because both benefit from it.
One of the 48 laws of power states that you should promise to fix problems but never actually solve them.
Because the law of diminishing returns, the more you solve problems, the more irrelevant you become. If you solve all the problems, then there is no more reason to keep you in power ( and you also have no more campaign promises left to use).
Both parties want to stay in power, therefore neither of them have any intention to solve those problems.

@TheMadPirate @stephen

Even more, most "problems" are insoluble. All you can do is reduce them, at which point not only is there less need for you and spending tax money, but also, you have people wandering around with free time on their hands.

We learned from the French Revolution.

@stephen @TheMadPirate

Mainly because they're two varieties of Leftist at this point.

Reducing the size of government means getting rid of -- not cutting, removing -- benefits.

@TheMadPirate @stephen

I think it's just the third world model. Everything is broken, so you need a powerful warlord who will do favors for you in exchange for eternal allegiance.

@amerika @stephen The third world model is certainly more obvious, but I think the first world has something very similar although much more subtle like for example the calls for "bipartisan bills" and ingrained lobbyism.
Why would any government try to solve the problems created by lobbyism itself when they benefit so much from it?

@TheMadPirate @stephen

The first world is fairly third world at this point!

Even worse than benefiting from it, they depend on lobbyists to know what's going on in industry.

Someone needs to radically simplify government.

@amerika @stephen I think it’s totally possible to do that without even bothering with electricity. Gasoline works wonders!

@newt @stephen

Or even candles! But don't tell this to the governments that are now hungrily banning kitchen knives.

@Hyolobrika @stephen @newt

It's such a typical human response: people are killing each other, so let's ban tools instead of looking at WHY they're killing each other.

@Hyolobrika @stephen @amerika i saw posters in London subway with instructions what to do if you see someone being attacked with acid. Now that’s totally unsettling.

@newt @Hyolobrika @stephen

It's amazing how the normies rationalize social decay like this. "Oh, it's a problem we have to deal with." Yes, and the roots of it are? Can't we deal with the root, instead of applying band-aids to problems created by the stumbling herd?

@amerika @Hyolobrika @stephen the bigger and a lot more important question is, how often are acid attacks in London that you need first aid instruction posters for them in the first place? :comfyderp:
@threia @stephen @Hyolobrika @amerika wait for people to realize it doesn’t take exactly a genius to make a pointy stick

@threia @Hyolobrika @amerika @newt well then I won't have anything to wire up in the first place ):<

@stephen @Hyolobrika @amerika @newt problem solved

everyone is free to make as many pointy sticks and rocks as they want, money is replaced with mortal wounds and other goods and you can finally save money by not paying taxes

@threia @Hyolobrika @stephen @newt

If our only currency was human flesh, so many problems could be avoided.

@threia @Hyolobrika @stephen @amerika no no no! It's gonna be like this!

@stephen sounds weird. what do they mean under "electrical work" and where is such strange limitations?
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