remember back when website owners were perfectly satisfied with the kind of analytical data one could get just by using their web server logs?

I had a weird problem where I was getting a pure tone on my HF rig no matter what frequency I was tuned to.

Turns out my CRT was interfering with the IF on the radio. I changed the resolution and it went away.

oil sits around for 65 million years and it's fine. but when I put it in my car suddenly it needs to be replaced after 6 months. wake up sheeple

@pasture mail it to me, I definitely won't change it to my own candidate and then mail it out again

@VD15 @pasture except the government is on my computer every day (AMD PSP moment)

@VD15 @pasture don't use incognito mode and your search history can be used to dominate whoever uses the computer after you

@BigDuck homelab + jelly beans = perfect date?

-10 points for using hyperv and not something FOSS tho

@pasture Me too, they're probably my favourite junk food

When I started my current job they sent me some jelly beans and it was very wonderful

@pasture me driving 20 minutes to the store just to buy a pack of jelly beans on impulse

it's a problem

broke: old people are aggressive because of leaded gasoline

woke: old people are aggressive because the high pitch CRT noise reprogrammed their brain

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