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The talos principle is fun, but do I really need to punch everything into a hex editor for each entry?

*nmaps my own network because I forgot the IP of one of my devices*

I really feel for Bezos. He's the third most hated man in the world. He didn't even get first place. Poor fuck.

If I was a cat I'd choose you, my sweetheart, over dry food!

I've been keeping the server room door closed because it's hot in there.

My printer lives in the server room.

Apparently it's gotten so hot, the rubber rollers inside have melted

i feel like literally everything on the internet i ever read is either "i agree with that but you've got quite an important detail wrong" or "i totally disagree with that but you accidentally made a good point"

If you want your network printer to work
1. remove it from its usual standing area
2. rinse the area with holy water and salt
3. lit an incense stick
4. put down the network printer
5. pray to the gods of network printers
6. turn it on
7. wait for at least ten minutes
8. encourage it with gentle headpats and kind words
9. try printing
10. >:( commit arson
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