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if someone refers to a foon as a spork one more time I am going to get angry

*checks product on website*

"13 in stock"

*drives to store*
*buys product*
*drives home*
*refreshes website*

"12 in stock"


what if we were political in the channel at work πŸ₯Ί

Teens Flock To New App Where They Just Enter Own Personal Data Into Form

Two great things about RSS readers:

1) Disconnects you from The Algorithm.

2) No comment thread arblegarble.

What you see isn't moderated by advertiser revenue, platform bias, or user outrage.

Seriously, get yourself one.

tfw you change your mind on where you're going but you don't tell your gps

make a u turn


make a u turn


turn left on


make a u turn

> go to store

> item I need is on the top shelf

guess I will not be buying that then

These are not related at all. I think people just buy them together because of their combined price

I'm officially coining the term "stigma male"

This is how you use it

"you think mental health is cringe? ok stigma male"

anyway, you heard it here first folks

> puts dry clothes in a machine that makes them wet

> puts wet clothes in a machine that makes them dry

??? wtf even is laundry

POV someone requested changes on my PR 15 minutes before code freeze

*uses the girl emojis*

I have defeated the patriarchy

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