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What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

me 10 minutes before the end of my lunch break: hmm today I will reconfigure my home network's VLANs
me 1 minute before the end of my lunch break: fuck

bookmarks? ❌

keeping tabs open for months at a time? βœ…

**β€˜I Haven't Gotten COVID Yet’ Isn’t a Good Reason to Skip the Vax**

"There's no such thing as natural immunityβ€”and even if you've been lucky thus far, Delta could change that."

#news #bot

ham fest tomorrow

first one in two years

ham fest ham fest ham fest ham fest

@freemo Tell me about it. I hate getting in discussions with people who don't understand logic well. It's necessary to try to make society a more reasonable place , but arguing with people who reason backwards (from conclusion first) or from emotion is incredibly frustrating.

Today's a holiday, time to recheck every 10 minutes to make sure I'm not accidentally blowing off work

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