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Received this from the ISS today (:

Didn't have any fancy equipment with me so I had to get by with a very old handheld and a normal antenna

optimal scheduling algorithm:

- my jobs run

- yours do not

Introducing Complex Mail Transfer Protocol, listens on port (25+25j)

Concept: The libertarian flag but the snake is a wire and the slogan is "let me do my own electrical work"

(my province doesn't let me do my own electrical work)

Ham radio people - try out a utility I wrote for sending files over packet radio:

Also check out the underlying protocol that I wrote, which exists as a library:



-.-. --.- -.-. --.-

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

me 10 minutes before the end of my lunch break: hmm today I will reconfigure my home network's VLANs
me 1 minute before the end of my lunch break: fuck

bookmarks? ❌

keeping tabs open for months at a time? βœ…

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