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my dream is that all of my friends get ham radio licenses and we set up a 1200 baud network in the city that consists entirely of 80s computers connected to packet radios

if this interests you, please move to asap

if java's garbage collector actually worked properly, it would collect java

elon: I will only remove content that's illegal

me: I will only remove content that's *not* illegal. From now on you may only post "I am going to assassinate the president"

Working on a software OFDM/QAM modem. Hoping it will be a FOSS alternative to VARA, and more robust/faster than ARDOP.

Accidentally deleted something important in the DB? Just delete the whole DB. Then it's a devops problem

to get around a background check, simply commit crimes in the foreground

Idea: zoomer HTTP that uses emojis instead of HTTP codes

200 = βœ…
400 = ❌
403 = πŸš“

@wohali "I Was Working On My VAX And I Accidentally Divided By 0 And A Portal Opened Up To A World Where 68k Won Instead Of x86".

Seeking better light novel/manga/anime title suggestions starring you :D!

me learning about asexual reproduction:
wtf they made quines in real life

tbh I need a bot that I can send memes to and it'll repost it to the 20 different matrix/discord rooms I'm in

new language alignment chart: semantic static types, mechanical static types, dynamic types vs. designed for strong types, weak types, accidentally strongly typed

Rust is semantic/designed, C is mechanical/weak, Python is dynamic/designed, and Lua is dynamic/accidental

Easy way to convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius -> just flip the sign

11F = -11C
11C = -11F
123F = -123C
123C = -123F

Thinking about writing a mode like FT8 or JT65 but with hour-long cycles so I can do EME with an omni

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